SpaceTheremin 1.01

SpaceTheremin 1.01: SpaceTheremin is a mouse-controlled virtual theremin. SpaceTheremin is a virtual mouse-controlled theremin. Unlike a standard analog theremin, which typically has a sinewave oscillator and some basic vibrato, SpaceTheremin lets you choose from six different oscillator types (sine, square, triangle, sinc, saw, and pulse). The same waveforms can also be used for vibrato and modulation. It uses OpenAL for sound generation.

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ThereIWas - Intelligent Favorites Toolbar 1.2

Intelligent automatic short term favorites/history toolbat for internet explorer. ThereIWas will give you a list of the web site and pages you are currently visiting frequently, allowing you to quickly return to forum threads for example, without needing to maintan the favorites list. Over time ThereIWas will eliminate pages no longer visited, so that you maintain quick access to just the sites you want to visit.

back button, favorites, favourites, history, internet, toolbar, explorer, organiser

TagLauncher 1.2: TagLauncher is a desktop search utility that lets you search files by tags.
TagLauncher 1.2

therefore finding them will be easier. WHY TAGS ARE BETTER? Instead of using filenames as the search query, tags will be used. They are more meaningful and there is no limitation in their number. Beside their order is not important while in conventional search correct order is important to find files. People remember related keywords about files easier therefor finding files will be faster and easier than before. HOW FASTER IS THIS? Much faster!

tag cloud, desktop search, search, fast file search, files, search files, tagging, launcher

the RecordsKeeper 2.1.1: Keep track of personal information, critical records and anything else important
the RecordsKeeper 2.1.1

There are many help features to guide you. You are provided with a number of meaningful reports. Why! So you can keep a record of everything that is important to you in one place. With computers, there are many more things to keep track of (licences, sign-on id’s, passwords, web-sites, web-pages, etc.) that it is becoming necessary to keep organized and accessible records. Having medical records (past and current conditions, family member’s conditions

record keeping, catalog, activities, home inventory, personal, cataloging, hobby, records, measurement, catalogue, cataloguing, assets, shareware

Vemma Training Transformation 1.0: Vemma Training Tips That Will Produce Immediate Results In Your Team
Vemma Training Transformation 1.0

The biggest message you should get from this article is that when you are training your new Vemma distributors, you need to learn to have a balance between personal production and training or you are not going to acheive dramatic and lasting success with the company. One of the advantages of the Vemma opportunity is that there is a binary compensation plan, meaning that you only have two teams to focus on when you are building your business.

vemma training, vemma tips, vemma, vemma information

aquaplay 1.0: ToysGamesGifts Aquaplay Toys
aquaplay 1.0

there’s a wide selection of accessories like boats, waterfall, a water pump and a lifting bridge to create even more water adventures. There’s even a fold-and-go feature with some of the sets so kids can take them anywhere. The award-winning AquaPlay water play toys are contructed from sturdy, non-toxic, recyclable plastic and with a three-year warranty, you know it’s built to last.Aquaplay`s exciting canal system toys include several playstations

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Ranorex 1.5.0: Ranorex is a Windows GUI test and automation framework for C++, Python and .NET.
Ranorex 1.5.0

Ranorex allows quick and easy implementation of GUI (Graphical User Interface) automation scripts based on the common programming languages C#, C++, VB.NET and Python. That way, there’s no need to learn another language just for automation purposes. Applications and websites can be automated easily with Ranorex.

testing, test framework, python, test, gui tests, automated, object oriented, automate, library, ranorex, software, autiomation, automation

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